Use Google AdWords Advertising for Data Driven Design and Strategic Planning

Your strategy choices and design decisions should be data driven. Here is an inexpensive way to get started with a new web site that is not yet getting much traffic. You need to formulate hypotheses about your target audience and then be able to collect real data to test those hypothese and thus drive the direction of your strategy and design.

Before you invest a lot of money in either development or advertising, you should do some hypothesis testing. With Google AdWords you have complete control over your budget and you can target who sees the ads, e.g. geography and your choice of keywords. After you have made a small purchase of AdWords you’ll be able to use Google Analytics to observe the behavior of site visitors based on how you have configured the demographics you’re experimenting with and of course you can do A/B testing, e.g. comparing the effectiveness of two different wordings of your message on conversion rates.


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