Our Team Approach

Our consulting practice focuses on providing complete digital strategy implementation and technology solutions based on the WordPress and BuddyPress platform. Together, Dr. Ron Suarez and Margarete Koenen possess the full spectrum of design and development skills to implement these solutions. For decades Ron has also been able to quickly build teams to scale up as needed for large enterprise projects, while simultaneously understanding how to implement solutions and budgets for small non-profits.

Our History

Ron is a former cognitive psychology professor turned serial software entrepreneur. He wrote assembly language programs for a Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab he directed in the early 1980’s and has since done virtually every aspect of development in the four startup businesses he founded. His involvement with technology goes back to Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Development practices with Smalltalk from the 1980’s through the 90’s, followed by years of experience with Java related product development and enterprise projects, Ruby on Rails and lately WordPress and BuddyPress. He was part of the creation of the Agile and User Centric approaches that we now practice.

Ron also has a long history of community involvement that led him to found a Food Coop at NYU in 1971, co-found a computer consultants cooperative in the 1980’s and run for Ann Arbor City Council where he served from 2006 – 2008. Many of the solutions developed in these experiences, find their way today into the corporate enterprise under the name of crowd sourcing and new management techniques.

Margarete is a web designer and developer. Her skills include  HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript/ JQuery. She has been focusing on WordPress and BuddyPress since 2010, creating her own child themes and customizing plugins. Margarete has also worked with Ron providing services to the Music Label customers of LoudFeed, which included the use of Magento for online ecommerce to handle digital music, CDs and vinyl albums sales.  LoudFeed’s work with music also included the 2009 launch of a private social network for the non-profit trade association, The American Association of Independent Music,  using WordPress and the earliest working version of BuddyPress.

Our Philosophy

As a team Dr. Ron Suarez and Margarete Koenen have decided “to live our lives now and to conduct our business the way we want the world to be.” We believe that sustainable solutions must spring from the combined efforts of individuals pursuing their dreams, from non-profits, social entrepreneurs and innovative for-profit businesses that produce thick value as defined by Umair Haque.