Use Google Insights to Understand What People are Searching For

The video below introduces Google Insights:


Even if you’re not yet buying Google Ad Words, you can use this tool to help you think about how you frame your message, whether you’re writing a blog post or constructing an email campaign. Take a look at language you’re using versus your competitors and see how your keywords compare to those used by your competition. A little bit of Analytics research can go a long way in helping you design your marketing message.

A common mistake that people sometimes make is to focus on describing a solution that prospective customers may not think they need. So think about the problems you solve for customers and the words they might use to describe their problems. Then test various combinations of words to see how they compare to each other. Get people’s attention by recognizing their problem. After you have their attention, then you can lead them in the direction of a solution according to the steps they are willing to take.

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