Our Process

Your needs and an appropriate business solution that fits the culture of your organization are at the heart of our process. We first look to understand the philosophy of your organization to put the problems we’ll be addressing into proper perspective. Before designing a particular solution, it is critical to properly identify the problem to be solved, the goals you wish to reach and the metrics we’ll apply to measure our success. As we work through an iterative, incremental approach we’ll provide you with feedback at each step of the way, so that we can adapt when you discover needs that were not apparent at the outset of a project.

Our process has grown out of a quarter century of direct experience with consulting, training and software product development. While we emphasize the importance of requirements gathering, we avoid analysis paralysis by employing the principles embodied in Agile approaches and the Lean Startup Methodology of creating a Minimally Viable Product as early as possible to get user feedback that guides appropriate pivots in a our plan.

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