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Business Model Canvas

We built this model for a new startup NeighborSquad using the Business Model Canvas:

NeighborSquad Background

NeighborSquad helps you to fire your cable company with tech support form your neighbors. Have a tech problem? Telephone NeighborSquad and text messages alert the service people (Techies) who live closest to your home. Then, a Techie shows up at your door and fixes the problem for you

Draw Your Own Business Model Canvas

The canvas shown above was created with Google Draw. Create a Business Model Canvas for your business.

  1. Read the book Business Model Generation
  2. Create a Google account and open a new Google Draw Document
  3. Open this Google Draw Template, select “File | Make a copy” and then rename it.
  4. Contact us for consulting help to develop your business model and learn how to use your model to drive your digital strategy and technology solutions.

 Are Open Source Business Models for You?

NeighborSquad has chosen to open up its developing business model. Like Open Source Software, business models that are open and seek feedback benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

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